Shipping & Returns

Overseas container-load orders:

You may cancel your container-load order and receive a full refund up until you approve the Inspection Report. To ensure you get the product you expect, we provide 100% inspection of your container order. Once you have approved the Inspection Report, your completed order is transferred from the factories to the shipping company. At this point, it is too late to cancel or change your order.


Product Damaged in Shipping:

In the unlikely event that your product is damaged or shorted simply call us at  610 717 1099 within 30 days of delivery to make a claim. If something is wrong with an order, we will take immediate steps to replace the product or refund your money.

Please do not  schedule installation of your products until after the product has been received and examined. Installing a damaged or defective product may void a warranty or damage claim.

Our products are carefully packaged to avoid damage in shipping. Damage to products will virtually always be visible on the exterior of the bundle, pallet, crate, or lift. If products are damaged inside of the packaging, please halt installation and contact Virtual Warehouse  right away.

If products have been damaged in shipping or are missing, Virtual Warehouse will replace the products or refund the price of those products. The decision to replace or refund will be made in consultation with you, the customer, as to which solution is acceptable for both parties.

Methods of Payment:

We cannot deliver material until you have fully paid for it. We accept checks, wire transfers, and credit cards as payment. If the check does not clear, we are required to bill the amount of the bounced check fee to the customer. If you would like to pay by check or wire transfer, please contact us at 610 717 1099 to make payment arrangements.


If you have any questions regarding returns, claims, shipping, or products, please contact us, at 610 717 1099 or by email at info@virtualwarehouseusa.com