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Granite Santa Cecilia 3cm bl16_1
A broad range of elegant patterns and colors makes granite the most versatile and durable of all stones. It is also the most "maintenance free" of all stones. Granite is composed of quartz, feldspars and micas, as well as traces of a wide variety of other minerals. These minerals contribute to the color and texture of the various granites. Crystal size is somewhat determined by the rate at which the granite cools: the slower the cooling process, the larger the crystals grow. Faster cooling produces fine-grained granites. Granites get their wonderful variety of colors and patterns from minerals that are melted into the liquid mass as it is formed.

Important Note: The price here is for slab only, if you are looking for FINISHED PRODUCTS please browse through our Custom products Inventory

Localization: Brazil

Finish: Polished

Color: Yellow

Thickness: 1 1/4 inch - 3cm

Slab Length: 115

Slab Heigth: 65

Slab Square Foot: 52

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Granite Santa Cecilia 3cm bl16

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