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Why us?

There are several distinct advantages in buying your countertop through Virtual Warehouse.

The first advantage is Our Selection, which is second to none. We have a wide variety of "ready to fabricate" slabs of the most beautiful quarried stone the Earth has to offer. We're talking the highest quality Granite, Marble, Travertine, Limestone, Onyx, Quartzite, Quartz, and more.

This freedom of choice is unsurpassed. Plus, we have a powerful kitchen design tool that allows you to see what your new countertop will look like.

What it is Include?

Our Prices included template, fabrication, installation and does not include sinks, tear out of existing tops, or plumbing.

For customers outside Philadelphia and surrounding areas please contact us providing your zip cod so we can provide a more accurate estimate including shipping and packaging.

If you Don't find what you are looking for

Granite, Marble or any natural stone colors don't have consistent names. Countries of origin, importers, fabricators, installers and retailers each can have their own naming conventions., so if you cannot find the stone by the name, we can help you.

Send us any information that you may have like picture, description, name and we will find the perfect slab just for you.

Juparana Arandis Granite Countertop like granite in general not only is it strikingly beautiful, it’s versatile in look, heat resistant and incredibly strong – granite countertop can take a pounding (or cutting or spillage) and go on looking beautiful for decades. Granite is made up of interlocking mineral crystals, the most common being feldspar and quartz. But an array of other minerals can be included, and these make each piece of granite unique. Feldspar is the white mineral you see in granite; the light gray veins are quartz; and the black is typically mica, and, like we mentioned, it’s as close to indestructible and Maintenance-free as you can get.

Important Note: The price here is for finished products, if you are looking for a SLAB ONLY or FULL CONTAINER please browse through our Worldwide Inventory

Unit Price: Price per Square Foot

Localization: USA | PA | Huntingdon Valley

Finish: Polished

Color: Golden

Thickness: 1 1/4 inch - 3cm

Our Price: $82.39


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Juparana Arandis Granite Countertop

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